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The biggest challenge of all is solving our inefficient, inequal, unjust, undemocratic society that makes people slave and damages earth. Hopism iimproves things for people and the planet - probably!

Hopism is political theory written by an ordinary person with ordinary aspirations for life. Hopism recognises and accepts human nature’s weaknesses and strengths and tries to build a realistic framework to create a society of low tax, high social service and low waste.




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This is Hopism-Beta-Edition, republished again after a four year break due to background issues. It is still edition 1 and could do with some editing, better english, slicker graphics, some videos and many more diagrams. That will get done sometime during rainy dark November 2014, together with a discussion forum, where this rough idea can be beaten into shape and better written by contributors.

The end result is more useful work done, a happier society and more free time to enjoy your life - whilst knowing that social obligations are met.


Hopism is short and sweet

Hopism is under development, there will be bits you like and bits you dont, maybe there could be different splinter variants. The theory itself is simple and should take less than an afternoon to understand. There are around twenty texts on the webring, each less than a thousand words.

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Hopism Notes

In the first stage 2011, the author will deliver carbon-down, 42 ideas for better engines, wind turbines and various products which have been developed over the last ten years. These will demonstrate that solution finding and life improvement is not an impossible black art.

Once these products are established we can start to challenge the status quo and apply imaginative simple solutions to our economic, political and social instability in order to improve our lives and society.

We do not need endless ”economic growth” which is actually superficial economic frothing. We need calm crimeless society with the time and energy to share and enjoy our lives before we are old and infirm.

Time and energy to play sport, grow vegetables, chase butterflies and make love in the long grass of summer. Once society acknowledges hopism fundamentals and then culls; nonjobs, nonformation, bad productism, loanism and noney, our lives can be enriched by real capital wealth and fewer working hours to enjoy spending that capital.

The worry behind the author´s 42 new technologies which can (maybe!) increase wealth and reduce pollution, is that like previous technological breakthroughs, somehow these gains will be taken away and just fuel economic frothing; share values, house prices and yet more bank loanism.

Everyone will still be left with both partners working 40 hours per week. There has to be a real positive result in peoples lives from these new technologies. This is why H.O.P.E., Hopism, Capcialism and Folkcracy is being pursued in parallel to carbon-down, so that these gains will not be diluted away from ordinary people.

Political and economic theories are typically indecipherable and lengthy. HOPE is not long winded, and all the concepts are explained on just 20 sides of A4 paper. While the references are predominantly UK related, as the author is British, the fundamentals of Hopism are applicable to any country in the world. Some of these ideas herein are not new, but we can assume the hopism cocktail and the alignment to capcialist principles and folkcracy is new.

It is time to end all this fakery; our fake democracy built upon a fake economy spreading fake money.

Now it is time to build real prosperity for hard working people based on real direct the-people-to-rule democracy and real money-based-on-capital goods and services.

I do not want to develop these political and economic concepts alone, so your contributions are very welcome, although correspondence will not be possible given the time that would consume.

All your contributions will be uploaded at

This text is the Hopism alpha-draft.

A Hopism-beta will be presented 2nd Feb 2011.

With full Hopism launched 2nd Feb 2012.

The first folkcracy plebiscite will take place 2nd Feb 2022. 1st june 2010